About the Maker


I started taking lessons on the pipes in Na Píobairí Uilleann in Dublin in 1989 and as I started to develop as a piper I began to take an interest in how the instrument actually worked.

I first started to learn how to make my own reeds in 1995; I have been making pipes since 2000 and have been working for myself since 2006. At the moment I am making pipes in concert pitch D but plan to branch into flat sets in the future, the note hole positions and bores of the pipes I make are based on a Leo Rowsome design which, in my opinion, delivers the best overall clarity of tone and tuning for concert pitch pipes. The materials I use are ebony, stainless steel and imitation ivory.


Uilleann Pipes made to order:

  • Practice Set: Bellows, bag and chanter including C key.
  • Half Set: As above with main stock and drones.
  • Full Set: As half set with tenor, baritone and bass regulator.
  • Regulators can also be ordered separately.
  • All bellows are hand made with leather and all bags are hand stitched leather. 


  • I make reeds for instruments in all pitches there is a standard charge of €80 for chanter and regulater reeds and €40 for drone reeds. For instruments that are more difficult to fit and require more time to reed there will be an extra charge. All reed staples are hand rolled.


  • I also repair, restore and service pipes in all pitches.